Cloak Community Guidelines

At Cloak our goal is to maintain a high-quality, supportive community where people can start meaningful relationships based on expressing themselves openly and honestly. To realize this vision, it is extremely important for all Cloak community members to closely follow our very simple guidelines for what we feel makes a high-quality, supportive community. If you are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines, then Cloak is not the place for you.

We will remove any content that is found to be violating our community guidelines. Accounts that severely or repeatedly violate the guidelines will be suspended or banned from the service entirely.

Bullying and Abusive Behavior

  • Bullying, including intimidation and verbal abuse is strictly prohibited on Cloak.
  • Members are disallowed from sharing personally identifying information about any other member.
  • Cloak is about inclusivity – hateful or threatening speech towards people on the basis of race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or any other demographic or socio-economic attributes is prohibited on Cloak.
  • Accounts belonging to organized hate organizations will be removed.

Violent Extremism

  • You are prohibited from promoting, threatening, celebrating or inciting violent extremism or terrorism.
  • Accounts belonging to extremely violent, terrorist, or dangerous individuals and organizations will be removed.

Illegal Activity

  • Promoting, depicting, and engaging in inappropriate activities relating to illegal or regulated goods in the region is prohibited.
  • Promoting, depicting and engaging in trade related to firearms, ammunition and related goods is prohibited on Cloak.
  • Content that promotes phishing, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing schemes, get-rich-quick schemes and other types of scams is prohibited on Cloak.
  • Promoting gambling services is prohibited on Cloak.
  • Cloak has zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation – content will be removed, accounts will be banned, and authorities notified immediately.

Graphic Content

  • Content that is extremely and gratuitously shocking, graphic, sadistic, gruesome, or otherwise promotes or normalizes extreme violence is prohibited.
  • Gratuitous nudity and overtly explicit sexual content is prohibited=.

Suicide, self-harm and dangerous acts.

  • Promoting, depicting, or encouraging suicide or self-harm is prohibited on Cloak.

Spam, deceptive practices, & scams

  • Content that is excessively posted or repetitive will be removed.
  • Content offering cash gifts, get-rich-quick schemes, or pyramid schemes will be removed.
  • Any content directing the user to communicate outside of Cloak will be removed.
  • Users engaging in any of the above practices risk account suspension and removal.

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