Let it All Out

Cloak is a safe place to share your most intimate thoughts with like-minded people.

Realness Needs a Reboot

Social media and online dating are full of insincerity and fakeness. We’ve seen the too-perfect instagram feeds and the contrived (often misleading) profiles on dating apps. Nobody’s life is that perfect, and people are tired of it.

Enter: Cloak

What if there was a modern social app where you could get past all the BS and be real, connecting with others based on frank talk and candid feelings?

Cloak is a discreet space for meeting like-minded people by sharing truths that you can’t normally share with others.


Real Lives Around You

Express Yourself


“We are flipping relationships around. Instead of being drawn to someone because of how they look or the beautiful vacation they can afford, we want to get people connecting at a deeper level. It’s about sharing who you are at the very core, and what makes you tick. Things that you would never share at a regular first date are what you lead with on Cloak”.

Paul Keable
Chief Strategy Officer at Ruby, parent company of Cloak

“This app is my therapy. I get to talk to real people about real issues and on rare occasions I even get to help others. I would totally recommend this app to anyone with a lot of secrets that need to be taken off their chest. Or simply for fun. Best part is that there are no Facebook or Instagram connections, all the messages are encrypted, with nothing that could trace back to you”